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mbaessayhelp.co.uk review

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mbaessayhelp.co.uk review and system of discounts


Of course, when I first entered this site I was attracted by its design. The next thing I was attracted by was the fact that it offers free evaluation. So, I decided that if the site offers some free services, it should be reliable at least. I uploaded my course work, filled in all the necessary field and the next day I really received my evaluation. The writer told me that the course work should be thoroughly revised and offered me to order revision services. He pointed out some issues, and despite the fact that I did not agree with some of his arguments, I decided to let him redo my paper. Of course, now the service was supposed to be payable. It seemed to me suspicious, but the banners claimed that the site was reliable, that is why I checked prices and made the order.

Price Policy

Well, prices are quite high. I was really shocked at first, but decided to try this service. I had a hope that it was really good and professional. Prices for standard, premium and platinum papers are different. Also, the price depends on the deadline. I didn’t really like the fact that the deadline can be strictly: 4, 6, 10 and more days. What if the paper is urgent? For example, 24 Hour Essays Company offers urgent paper writing (even 12 hours!). That is too bad that I found out about 24 Hour Essays Company too late. So, I paid $160 for the revision of my paper. Quite impressive, isn’t it?

Quality of Support

I didn’t like the quality of Support, because I didn’t manage to contact neither support team representative, nor the admin of the site. The writer missed the deadline of my paper and the only thing I got in reply was the silence. Total silence. It is said that the support team works 24/7, but I am pretty sure that it is not true.

Quality of paper

Five hours past deadline the paper was finally delivered to me. With a strong fear I was reading it. The writer almost didn’t fix anything. His corrections were insignificant and I was disappointed, because I expected that my paper will be improved in a more professional way. I understood that free checking was meant only for me to make the order and pay for it.


This site is very cunning. It is aimed to cheat the customers, by means of telling them that their papers need improvement. As a result, the customer believes that his paper is bad and pays for the order. I would better recommend you 24 Hour Essays Company, which I use now. It is a professional site which can offer you academic writing of any complicacy for reasonable prices.

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mbaessayhelp.co.uk review

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