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Google, Bing and Yahoo lead you to tens and hundreds of paper writing services.
Curious who really sell best essays, not just make fast money?
Daunted by the fact you’ll probably have to deal with dishonest businesses?
Excited about finding the insider details from the real buyers?

Then, you’ve got to the right place! Tens of reviews, prices for US and UK essays, customer opinion and recommendation – its’ just a small share of what we have prepared for you.

When we can help?

Actually, here you can find the answer to any question you might think about concerning buying essays online. If you don’t find spontaneous purchases appealing, you might have done your own research – for instance, for essay writing service UK –and compared different services on your own. It’s a wise approach, but not effective enough.


The matter is, what you see is a kind of advertising. You’ll never know how good (or bad) they are until you place your own order. But I don’t think you’ve got so much time and money to try various services all the time. Moreover, you can buy from a scam company – and lose your money without getting and essay!
To protect your money, visit our site before the purchase. Our users review essay writing services worldwide and are ready to share their experience. Need the best essay writer UK? We know where to search.

What do we offer?

  • First-hand customer experience. Our reviews are written by students who personally bought from the sites and know their attitude to clients and the quality of writing. They know something these companies don’t publish on their sites.
  • Price comparison. The students often have limited funds, so the matter of price is highly important. Here you’ll learn how much various services charge.
  • Reviews of the most popular online essay writing companies online. Be it custom essay UK or US based site, there’s definitely someone who dealt with them earlier and is willing to share the experience. Here is the best place to do that.
  • Discount codes available for returning clients only. The returning clients of top services usually have the access to discount codes available for them only. Here our reviewers share these codes, so you can use them on your essay to benefit even more from these services!
  • Opportunity to share your unique experience. If you are fascinated by dealing with some site, or the opposite – want to warn the other fellows against buying from dishonest website, join us! We will gladly publish your custom review.

Essay writing is a business, so we spread the word about those who are honest players and provide quality work and those who fraud on the essay writing UK. Stay informed – be armed with knowledge to choose the best of the best!

writemyessay.co.uk review

writemyessay.co.uk review and discounts This company describes itself as the UK’s most reliable writing and editing service and guarantees to fulfill all their obligations. The website has simple design and, as usual, good feedback in Testimonials. I was looking for a UK based writer, so I thought this site would be a good fit. Price Policy You can calculate the price online under the Price tab. However, the online calculator there is quite strange. They count words, not the number more

courseworkbuzz.co.uk review

courseworkbuzz.co.uk review and discounts Usability The website itself is very simple, there are few sections in the main menu, for more information on how the service works, one should go to the additional menu at the bottom of the page. I have to say that in general large fonts, big buttons and overall interface somehow make me feel uncomfortable. Maybe it’s only my opinion, but it’s the way it is. Support Live chat is not always available. So when customers more

newessays.co.uk review

newessays.co.uk review and discounts Usability This writing service took care to provide customers with sufficient information on what they do and how it all works. There are many sections on the website describing different kinds of services, and how the company is going to help customers to provide what is needed. Support There are 3 phone lines. The operating hours of one of those is 9 am to 11 pm, the other 2 are available from 9 am to 5 more

instantessay.co.uk review

instantessay.co.uk review and discounts Services There is nothing unique and attractive in the design of this website. The site looks like the majority of online writing services web-pages. Bright colors, nice pictures with students, a lot of unnecessary information. All these was created to persuade you to place order here. And I got caught. The information is given in a very brief manner and there is nothing particularly useful and relevant in the content of the website. All you see more

mbaessayhelp.co.uk review

mbaessayhelp.co.uk review and system of discounts Description Of course, when I first entered this site I was attracted by its design. The next thing I was attracted by was the fact that it offers free evaluation. So, I decided that if the site offers some free services, it should be reliable at least. I uploaded my course work, filled in all the necessary field and the next day I really received my evaluation. The writer told me that the course more

courseworkbox.co.uk review

courseworkbox.co.uk review and discounts Services Coursework box offers course work writing services online. Here you can ask professionals to write this paper instead of you if you feel that you cannot cope with this task. At least it is what they guarantee. They write papers on different subjects: Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Finance, Geography, History, Information Technology, Marketing, Mathematics, Media and even Science Statistic. Using this site you can place your order, and after choosing necessary options and providing more